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Teuchitlan Pyramids

The Place of the Old God

The discovery of circular structures named Guachimontones in the West part of the country has caused great admiration and created a new scope and expectation towards the outlook and research of one of the first civilizations in the whole of Mesoamerica..
Los Guachimontones represents the largest discovered site from a culture that once flourished in the Tequila Valley region between 300 BC-900 AD/CE.
The Teuchitlan tradition is known for its distinct circular, step pyramid structures consisting of a round central altars (called “Guachimontón”) surrounded by a circular patio space, and a circular banquette on which sits four to sixteen rectangular or square platforms.

 This tour begins at 8 am and ends approximately at 5 pm
 It is escorted by a certified bilingual tour guide
Departure place Black Coffee across from Walmart Ajijic
 Reservation and ticket purchase required prior the tour

……….charter……. TOUR INCLUDES:
First class transportation
Certefied bilingual tour guide
Entrance fees
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Tour Cost
$ 2,350 Pesos per person
$ 118 USD approximately 

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